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Wolves Whiskey The Malted Barley Series 11 Year Lot No.2

Wolves Whiskey The Malted Barley Series 11 Year Lot No.2

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Lot Two of the Malted Barley Series was created from 10 barrels distilled in 2012 and bottled in 2023 at 11 years old!  Imported Irish malts and California yeast were incorporated in the fermentation process. Distilled in a copper alembic pot still aged in new American oak in a range of toast levels (Light Toast to Char 3). Each Bottle is hand-wrapped in black, UV-printed, sheepskin in Los Angeles. Lot Two makes a beautiful gift and an enviable addition to the well-appointed home bar. Quantity is limited!

This is a 9-barrel blend bottled at 110 proof with the remaining barrel being held for special release as a single barrel expression. 

Nose: toasted oats, dried fruit, vanilla, black pepper, oak

Palate: tobacco, caramel, stone fruit, honey, oats

Finish: long finish, sweet upfront with drying effect on palate, creeping salinity

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Wolves Whiskey
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